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Instructions For Using the Titan Class Schedule

The Cal State Fullerton TITAN Class Schedule displays the Fall, Spring and Summer class schedules for the most recent terms in progress or future terms available for registration. For Extended Education class schedule information, go to http://www.csufextension.org/default.asp. or for Intersession class schedule information go to http://intersession.fullerton.edu. The Class Schedule data is updated daily and the date and time the data was last updated is displayed on that web page. The TITAN Class Schedule will indicate which classes are New (added since the class schedule was printed), Closed and Cancelled.

To Use The Titan Class Schedule :

Select a term. This is required.

Select Search Option. This is required.

Select by Department. Use this to select by a department (such as History) and then select by a course (such as HIST110A – World Civ to 16c).
Select by Cross-disciplinary Area. Use this to select classes in different disciplines such as Asian Studies, European Studies, etc.
Select by Site. Use this to select classes taught at the Irvine Campus, Garden Grove or Santa Ana sites.
Select Internet Classes. Use this to select classes taught on the Internet.
Select Televised Classes. Use this to select classes taught through television.
Select by Additional Criteria. Use this to define your own search.

Click on the Continue button.


Depending on the selection method chosen,
you will see the following:

If you choose "Select by Department," you will be presented with a list of departments and asked to select one. Then click on the Continue button. You will be presented with a list of all classes in that department including the course number and course title. Select one and then click on the Get Classes button. You will then be shown all sections of the selected course for the selected term.


If you choose "Select by Cross-disciplinary Area," you will be presented with a list of disciplines to choose from. The discipline which you choose will list all classes in that discipline including the course number and course title.


If you choose "Select by Site," you will be presented with a list of sites to choose from. The site which you choose will list all classes which meet at that site including the course number and course title.


If you choose "select by additional criteria," you will be asked to select various choices to narrow your search. For example, you may search for open classes in the History department on Thursdays starting after 4pm.

Every web page within the TITAN Class Schedule has a BACK button to take you back to previous page and a START OVER button to take you to the first web page for the TITAN Class Schedule.

For Intersession classes and Intersession registration information, click here.
Data are accurate as of 09-03-2008 07:00 PM

Send Questions, Comments, Suggestions to titanonline@fullerton.edu

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